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Forbes List: The Most Powerful influencers in 2022

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

They Have Money, Fame, And Influence

Forbes released their first-ever ranking of the 50 top creators on the Internet in 2022.

Their content is consumed by 1.9 billion followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In total, they have amassed a whopping $570 million in earnings in 2021. At the average age of only 31, the world's top brands happily spend millions to sponsor their compelling and engaging content.

Below we break down the 10 most influential creators from their list:

Name: Jimmy Donaldson

Age: 24

Earnings: $54 Million

Followers: 162 million

Key Highlights: Highest Paid Youtuber

Age: 18

Earnings: $17.5 Million

Followers: 203.7 million

Key Highlights: Highest Paid TikToker

Age: 28

Earnings: $20 Million

Followers: 3.6 million

Key Highlights: No. 1 female-focused podcast on Spotify globally

Name: Elliot Tebele

Age: 27

Earnings: $30 Million

Followers: 20.1 million

Key Highlights: charging around $50,000 a post

Age: 21

Earnings: $12 Million

Followers: 27.6 million

Key Highlights: Emma Chamberlain has one of the highest engagement rates, with nearly 12% of her Instagram audience engaging with her content

Age: 39

Earnings: $13 Million

Followers: 63 million

Key Highlights: Kattan's beauty line has helped her reach a net worth of $400 million, making her one of the wealthiest self-made women in the world

Earnings: $30 Million

Followers: 11.8 million

Key Highlights: The North Carolina State University grads deliver sketch comedy to some 5 million YouTube fans.

Age: 22

Earnings: $10 Million

Followers: 231.4 million

Key Highlights: Khaby Lame is now the most-followed TikToker in the world

Age: 21

Earnings: $8.3 Million

Followers: 133 million

Key Highlights: Has obtained 88 million TikTok followers and made over $27 million

# 10 Jake Paul

Age: 25

Earnings: $45 Million

Followers: 57.3 million

Key Highlights: The internet creator-turned-boxer is polarizing. His three fights in 2021 paid him an estimated $40 million.

To see the complete list of the 50 top creators, click here.

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