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How To Use Instagram Reels Templates Like A Pro

Instead Of Creating Every Reel From Scratch, You Can Pick A Reel You Want To Remake And Then Drop Your Photos And Videos Into The Template.

Thanks to the latest Reels update, Instagram has made it easier than ever to create Reels with their new templates feature. This feature will automatically copy the formatting of the existing Reel and allow you to insert your clips to make it your own video, saving you hours in video editing and music syncing.

This also means that brands and creators can use Instagram Reels templates to change the way they create content on Instagram.

1) Create & Edit Your Content Directly On the Instagram App

Instead of using other editing apps, the Reels templates make it faster and easier to edit your content inside the Instagram app with the Reel editor.

2) Use The Templates For Inspiration

Browse through numerous creative Reels templates whenever you get a “creators block” or need a little extra inspiration.

3) Save Trending Templates To Use Later

Spot a trending Reel that matches your vibe and engages with your audience? Click “Use Template” to draft your Reel and save it as a draft to use later.

Below, we'll show you how to find and use Instagram Reels templates like a pro!

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the "Reels" tab at the bottom of the screen (pic 1)

2. Scroll through the Reels.

3. Once you’ve found a Reel you liked, click on “use template” on the bottom left of your screen just above the creators handle name. (pic 2)

5. Once you've selected a template, tap “Add media” at the bottom of the screen to add the photos and videos you want to include in your Reel.

Option #2: If you want to see the Reels templates available without scrolling through numerous Reels, just follow the simple steps below.

1: Tap on the "Reels" tab at the bottom of the screen (pic 1)

2: Click on the camera icon on the top right of your screen (pic 3)

3: Next, on the bottom on your screen, scroll to the templates option (pic 4)

4: Browse through the available templates and select the one you want to use (pic 5)

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